We made it to Murfreesboro!

After a little vehicle trouble, we made it to Murfreesboro! We’re currently staying with Jonathan’s sister and her family who live about 10-15 minutes away from our new house.  Tomorrow we will try to get some utilities set up before we head down to Hot Springs, AR with the Parkers.  While we’re back in Arkansas, Jonathan’s mom will be closing on the house this coming Wednesday.

A little background on the house situation:  A few weeks back, Jonathan and I felt the pull to head to Tennessee, and we began searching for place to rent in the Nashville area.  I began to get discouraged when even the tiniest apartments were well out of our price range.  The very day that we prayed about finding a place to live, Jonathan’s mom, Joyce, called just to catch up.  After we told her that we planned on moving to Tennessee in the near future, she paused for a minute and then proceeded to explain to us what she had been up to the past few weeks.  Joyce had been searching the internet for a house to retire in around the Nashville area. She said that she had found a great house, but she couldn’t justify purchasing a house 1.5 years before she planned to retire. Then she asked us if we would consider renting the house from her until next summer! As we all prayed about the situation and after Joyce found her dream retirement home, she made an offer and everything has fallen into place from that moment forward.

Jonathan and I are so grateful for this house. We got to look at it today, and it is absolutely beautiful. Three bedrooms, two baths, about an acre of land full of fruit trees and room for a garden–all for less than every one of those little apartments. God has been so good to us. He is faithful.


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