Something About Africa

Way back in February…

This past week and a half has been quite the adventure around here!  Just about as soon as we got to Tennessee, we turned around to head back to Arkansas with the Parkers.  We stayed with Adam’s grandmother for about five days and although the weather wasn’t exactly what we expected, we made the most of it, and we even made it outside once or twice!

This was the first time we all got to sit down face-to-face to talk about our personal ideas of what life together looks like overseas (Adam and Lori Parker, along with their sweet baby Savannah, are the family we are teaming up with to move to Mozambique, Lord willing).  As a group, we talked about our motives, goals, potential budget, fears, thrills, weaknesses, and our common Strength.    After a few days of only talking amongst ourselves, we were blessed to continue the discussion with the Holton family.  They welcomed all of us into their home where we enjoyed a traditional African meal and the opportunity to listen to them share Jesus and wisdom.

backyard shooting practice

This is Jonathan teaching me to shoot a very loud gun off the porch at Adam’s grandmother’s house (on the only day we weren’t rain/snowed in).


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