Baby Striclyn · Murfreesboro

Gender Reveal Party!

This week, we were blessed to have a gender reveal party thrown in Baby Striclyn’s honor!  The Smiths were kind enough to share their home with the Body of Christ to learn the gender of our little baby and to feed us a warm meal.  Natalie and my mom spoiled us with cute decorations–so a big thanks goes out to them.  It was a delightful night of fellowship and excitement.  Our only regret is that our family and friends outside of Nashville couldn’t make it.  For those of you who missed out, here are some pictures from the adventure!

Thanks for drawing up this awesome chalkboard, Lori!
We told everyone to pick a side according to their gender prediction.
Our guests were told to close their eyes . . . little did they know, those who guessed wrong were about to get sprayed with silly string!
Ready, set . . .
. . . fire!
“Though out-numbered, the pink team prevails!” – Jonathan


Strawberry cake–it’s a girl!
Great cakes, thanks to my mom and Lori!

Thanks for taking pictures, Lori!  They turned out great.  We really appreciate everyone who helped and made it out to the party.  We are so looking forward to meeting our little girl!!!


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