Baby Striclyn · pregnancy week to week

23 weeks

23 weeks, 5 days

How far along?  23 weeks

Maternity clothes?  Yep.  This week my “MeeMaw” bought me a new maternity top to wear to my baby shower.  The only rules were that it had to be pink!  Haha

Stretch marks?  Nope, but I’m definitely using a lot of lotion.

Sleep?  I didn’t sleep very well at all this week.  My back pain has been waking me up every morning and I’m getting up to pee about 3-4 times/night.

Miss Anything?  Sleeping on my stomach and being free to drink as much sweet tea as I want with Thanksgiving dinner.  & Grammy T, of course.

Movement?  This baby girl learned some new flips and turns this week and she’s been practicing like crazy 🙂

Food cravings?  I don’t think I ever got hungry enough to crave anything this week.  Too much Thanksgiving food!

Anything making you queasy or sick?  Not particularly.

Best moment this week?  My baby shower was really sweet!  Two of my aunts hosted it and almost everything was perfect.  God put a lot of wonderful people in my life who made that day great, despite the overwhelming empty feeling caused by my mom’s absence.

Worst moment of the week?  Throughout this week, there were a lot of times I wanted to just quit.  But it turns out, there’s no way to quit having a dead mom.  So I’ve been learning to surrender it–and it’s hard and it sucks, but it’s worth it.  God is worth it.

Have you started to show yet?  Yes

Gender prediction?  Girl

Labor Signs?  Maybe the first signs of Braxton Hicks contractions, but I’m not even really sure.  Nothing alarming though.

Belly Button in or out?  Less in than it’s always been, but not completely flat/out yet.

Wedding rings on or off?  On

Happy or Moody most of the time?  I had several moody days this week (again, sorry Jonathan).

Looking forward to?   Going through all of the gifts from the baby shower and starting to imagine what life will be like when this little gift gets to be out in the open where I’m not the only one who knows when she’s awake or asleep!


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