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25 weeks

25 weeks, 4 days

How far along?  25 weeks–these sure are flying by!

Maternity clothes?  Yes, but I’ve also been wearing a lot of my mom’s long sleeve shirts and jackets too.

Stretch marks?  Nope!

Sleep?  Decent–I’ve had the desire to be able to sleep on my stomach so that my shoulders don’t hurt, but even with several pillows, I’m still scared.

Miss Anything?  Pregnancy related:  Sleeping on my stomach

Movement?  Yes!  She is so strong.  This week I even was able to watch her flip/turn.  Before week 25, I could only tell when she would kick or punch, and now, it’s easy to see her make longer, slower movements.  So cool!

Food cravings?  Frozen yogurt!

Anything making you queasy or sick?  There was something that I smelled this week–maybe something I was cooking?  I can’t remember.  Pregnancy brain has been bad this week.

Best moment this week?  Noah had a very entertaining choir concert, we got to see some extended family, we went to a hockey game, got to eat dinner “as a family” at least a few times, and we got to skype with the Church in Nashville.  It was a pretty good week.

Worst moment of the week?  I felt mad a lot this week.  Probably because I didn’t spend much time alone with God.

How much are you showing this week?  Well, every time someone sees me who I haven’t been around in a few weeks they say, “You’re so big!”  For the most part, I take it as a compliment 🙂

Pregnancy Brain?  It gets worse every week!  This week, I tried to put the milk in the pantry a lot.  Luckily, I’m still able to catch myself before anything is misplaced for too long.

Labor Signs?  Nope

Belly Button in or out?  Barely in, except where you can see my hernia.  That little part sticks out.

Wedding rings on or off?  On.  Every update I’m subscribed to says I may be experiencing swelling and that would be normal, but I haven’t noticed any swelling.  If anything, my rings feel looser.

Happy or Moody most of the time?  Another moody week.  Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of happy moments all day long.  But it seems like every day I get upset about something.  I pray it doesn’t last much longer.

Looking forward to?  One of these days my brother will move his screen printing business to into his new warehouse (electricity should be turned on Tuesday), and then, I’ll be able to decorate for Christmas–something my mom would have been very excited about.  Also this week we should be Christmas shopping for our loved ones.  If you need ideas for last-minute stocking-stuffers, check out our teammate’s All-Natural Soap business!


One thought on “25 weeks

  1. Now, you are looking very pregnant…and that is a good thing. lol Miss you guys. Come see us soon. Love ya…all three of you! Glad you are well.

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