Baby Striclyn · pregnancy week to week

28 weeks

Thanks to my brother, Noah, for the chalkboard masterpiece this week!  28 weeks, 4 days.
Thanks to my brother, Noah, for the chalkboard masterpiece this week! 28 weeks, 4 days.


How far along?  28 weeks (December 29-Jan 4)

Maternity clothes?  Yes

Stretch marks?  No!

Sleep?  Pretty good this week

Miss Anything?  This was another hard week.  I had to leave my dad and brothers in Texas so that we could return to Tennessee.  Leaving those three was like saying bye to three GIANT pieces of my mom that I still have.  Leaving Texas meant that life had to keep going and it wouldn’t stop for me to grieve.  I missed my mom this week.

Movement?  This week, when my friend Katie felt the baby kick, she screamed and jumped about 3 feet back.  Baby Striclyn kicked her pretty dang good 🙂  We think she might grow up to be a soccer player. . . I guess in Mozambique she will know it as futbol!

Food cravings?  This week I tried to squeeze in my not-available-in-Tennessee favorites:  whataburger, kerbey lane, and in-n-out

Anything making you queasy or sick?  Just the anxiety before saying goodbye (I have a feeling that was not really pregnancy related)

Best moment this week?  The first part of the week was great.  I got to go to a Vocal Majority concert with my dad, Noah, and Jonathan and we stopped to eat lunch with my grandparents in Temple on the way.  Two days later, Jonathan and I headed to Lampasas for the annual HIZ girls Christmas party (yes, I broke the rules and brought a man) and it was really good to be with such good company.

Worst moment of the week?  The end of the week when we had to leave.  I probably cried for a solid hour.

How much are you showing this week?  Haha, on the way back to Tennessee, we stopped at a gas station and a random lady in the women’s restroom held my belly as I washed my hands and went on and on about how excited she was that I was having a baby.

Pregnancy Brain?  Again, this one is pretty late and I’m having trouble remembering any good stories.  Sorry!

Labor Signs?  No

Belly Button in or out?  You would think it would be fully out by now, but it’s still hanging in there.  My dad was disappointed because he was sure it would pop out before I had to come back.

Wedding rings on or off?  On

Happy or Moody most of the time?  Happy/sad

Looking forward to?  Meeting with our church in Tennessee and setting up the baby room after we get unpacked!


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