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32 weeks

32 weeks, 4 days
32 weeks, 4 days


How far along?  32 weeks (Jan 26 – Feb 1)

Maternity clothes?  Yes . . . along with a few non-maternity “tunics” that now act as shirts.

Stretch marks?  No!!!

Sleep?  No change in the sleep.  Just finding new ways to be comfortable.

Miss Anything?  Warm weather

Movement?  This week, I freaked myself out.  I slept in a bit, had some quiet time, and then went to the grocery store.  Well, usually at this point in the day, baby girl has been kicking and going crazy all morning.  But this day, as I was on my way to the store, I realized I couldn’t remember the last time she had moved.  Of course I then related everything that was slightly abnormal to my pregnancy and I got really nervous.  I thought, maybe I slept so terribly last night because something was wrong with the baby and my body was trying to wake me up, and, I shouldn’t have eaten so many pecans and almonds for breakfast because she might be allergic!  Anyway, I kept it together while I was in the store, still feeling no movement, but when I got in the car I broke down and cried.  I prayed to God that He would just let her kick if she was okay so that I could calm down and drive.  What felt like hours later (really only about 1 minute), she started kicking and punching and flipping all over. 🙂  I said thank you to God and my tears of sadness turned to gratefulness, and I made it home safely.

Food cravings?  Finally got those curly fries this week.  I also got to go on a date with my Jonathan to Outback Steakhouse where I thoroughly enjoyed the bloomin’ onion and my kid’s meal of macaroni and cheese (I’d been wanting that mac&cheese since October!)

Anything making you queasy or sick?  Not really.  I had a bit of a stuffy nose/cough this week which made my gag reflex a little more sensitive, likely related to all the phlegm hanging out in the back of my throat.  Definitely had some close calls while brushing my teeth this week!

Best moment this week?  We had another midwife appointment this week and everything is still good!  She said that our baby girl is head down and ever since then, Jonathan and I have been able to feel around and figure out where her head and her little baby butt are!  It is so amazing!  There is a real little baby in there!  🙂  ps in case you were wondering, her heart rate is about 145 bpm

Worst moment of the week?  This has been a pretty good week

How much are you showing this week?  Again, no stories.  I’ve only gained one pound since my last midwife appointment (3 weeks ago) so that makes me think I don’t look too crazy different this week.

Pregnancy Brain?  Story!  One particular day this week, I was very emotional. I got upset about something and I couldn’t really remember what it was all about.  Then I asked Jonathan a fearful “what if” question (for example, “what if the baby isn’t okay?”) and Jonathan, knowing I was being irrational, replied, “What if I turn into a green elephant?”  I immediately started sobbing and saying “that would be really baaaaaddd.”  I cried for about two straight minutes and then laughed for many after that.

Labor Signs?  Nope

Belly Button in or out?  I feel like I will be stuck forever with this in-betweeny.

Wedding rings on or off?  On

Happy or Moody most of the time?  It was a happy week!

Looking forward to?  Avocados are on sale for 39 cents this week!  Guacamole at the Superbowl party tonight!  Yayy!!


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