Baby Striclyn

Baby Striclyn III: Week 20

week twenty IIIHow far along are you?  20 weeks–half way already!

What’s new with baby this week?  Baby is kicking around a whole lot and seems to wake up when daddy talks against my belly 🙂

How much are you showing this week?  I am hopefully, approximately at that point where it’s almost okay for people to ask if I’m pregnant.

How are you feeling?  I feel good!  I have been blessed with three very easy pregnancies, so far.  I’ve got my hands even fuller this time around, but I’ve got good energy and am not in constant need of a nap.  Big praises for that!

Any new pregnancy symptoms?  I was nauseous for most of the first trimester but that has since subsided.  Now, I think I would forget I was pregnant if it weren’t for the baby kicks and growing belly–which reminds me!  I have started to get a bit of an itchy belly.  Time to lather up!

Sleep?  Sleep has been great!  If it weren’t for my little ones waking me up every now and then, I’d be sleeping like a rock!

Miss anything?  Strawberry mango margaritas from chuys.  Sugar on the rim, please !

Movement?  Yes indeed

Food cravings?  Chick fil a

Anything making you queasy or sick?  Some smells make me think of gagging, but nothing too bad.

Pregnancy brain?  I’ve had a few spells where I can’t decide if something is really funny or if I should be crying hysterically…I think that counts.

Belly button in or out?  Mostly in, except I have an umbilical hernia that is sticking out a little bit.  Planning to ask our new OBGYN about surgery options after delivery.

Wedding rings on or off?  On

Do you think you’re having a boy or a girl?  I think girl.  Jonathan thinks boy.  Game on!

Worst moment this week?  This week has been mostly good.  We are in the process of switching our OBGYN since we recently moved, however, it has not been very smooth so far.  Insurance has been a mess and now I’ve had two appointments set with the hospital but still haven’t set an appointment to actually meet any doctors.  So, once we get past the intake phone appointment with a nurse set up for next week, I will hopefully be able to schedule something.

Best moment this week?  There have been a lot of good times lately!  Baby related–probably when Jonathan talked to my belly and then got a big ol’ kick in the cheek that we both felt with certainty.  So fun 🙂

Happy or moody most of the time?  Happy!!!

Looking forward to anything?  Finding out baby’s gender just as soon as we can see a real doctor!!

Updates from big sister Tylee or big brother Ember?  We refer to the baby as Baby Goose, so whenever we ask the kids, “Where’s Baby Goose?” they both know to point to my tummy.  Every day Tylee likes to lift up my shirt and “kiss Baby Goose.”  She says hi and tries to tickle the baby and says, “No hurting Baby Goose!  No pinching, no biiiiting, no hitting…no hurting the little baby.”  It melts my heart and makes me laugh!  Ember has learned to give my belly “nice pats.”  He’s pretty rough most of the time, so we’re trying to get him to practice being gentle.  He also likes to give my belly kisses.  They are the sweetest!


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