Baby Striclyn · pregnancy week to week

Week 38


38 weeks R
38 weeks 1 day


How far along are you?  38 weeks!!  Sorry I’ve been slacking a bit–I’ll try to catch you up to speed!

What’s new with baby this week?  Well, we know she is head down and that as of this past Tuesday I had not started dilating quite yet (which is okay!).  People keep saying it looks like the baby has dropped but who really knows?!  I wasn’t able to tell when that happened with Tylee or Ember, so I can’t even say myself.  All I know is she is happy where she is and not quite ready for the outside world just yet!

How much are you showing this week?  Some people say I look ready to pop and others have told me I look “tiny”–ha!  One sweet friend came over earlier this month and saw a picture of me when I was pregnant with Ember.  She exclaimed, “Is that you?!?!??  You were twice the size!!!  That Plexus stuff must really work, huh?!”  Haha!  The funny thing is that in that picture I was about half as pregnant as I was when she made the comment.

How are you feeling?  I’m still feeling really good!  I did something funny to my back yesterday which has made it less comfortable to carry the kiddos around, but after stretching and walking today, it’s feeling better.

Any new pregnancy symptoms?  I have been ravenous the past two weeks!  I don’t know what the deal is, I don’t remember it happening the other two times, but I think this little girl wants to plump up before her debut.

Sleep?  Sleep is still so much better than I expected!  It’s certainly not as comfortable as belly-down-sleep-til-noon-every-Saturday that college Whitney remembers, but it’s way better than my last two pregnancies.  I pee about a hundred times each night which is annoying, but it lets me stretch a bit.  The good thing about Jonathan going into work so early is that after about 4:30am I get an extra pillow!!

Miss anything?  Being able to touch my toes without squashing our little girl!

Movement?  She currently has the hiccups!  This month has been a bit crazy with her acrobats.  Sometimes I’m sure she is completely sideways in there and my belly looks CRAZY.  I’m just hoping she stays head down for these last two weeks!

Food cravings?  The other day, we were walking through HEB and they had just put some freshly fried chicken under the heat lamp by the rotisserie chickens, and y’all, I’m not generally a friend chicken fanatic, but ever since that day I’ve thought about fried chicken.  I still haven’t given in and bought any, but if you want to see a pregnant lady drool, go ahead and bring some this way!

Anything making you queasy or sick?  Nope!

Pregnancy brain?  Just your typical put the dirty diaper in the clean diaper drawer, milk in the pantry by the cereal, turn on the wrong burner on the stove…. things like this.

Belly button in or out?  Very out.  Tylee and Ember think that’s where the baby is, so whenever they kiss my belly they generally plant it smack dab in the middle of my belly button.

Wedding rings on or off?  On!

Do you think you’re having a boy or a girl?  Nothing has inclined me to think they mis-read the ultrasound, but we still have a boy name up our sleeves just in case 😉

Worst moment this week?  I had plenty of sad moments this month (err–8 weeks..) either missing my mom, or missing Jonathan when he was in Tanzania, or thinking of leaving my family if we do get to go to Tanzania, etc.  Although there is one night that stands out as pretty bad (pregnancy wise).  I was getting up to use the bathroom one last time before bed–it’s always challenging going from horizontal to vertical in that third trimester.  Anyway, I saw my reflection in the mirror and was still recovering from the achy abdominal pain of finding my feet when I sighed, “Ugh, I’m as big as a whale,” to which Jonathan replied without hesitation, “Beluga!”  HAHAH–now in his defense, I often call him a beluga whale when he is being stubborn or lethargic, so he thought I was saying, “Ugh, you‘re a big whale.”  Either way, we both got a kick out of it.

Best moment this week?  One of my favorite memories from this past 8 weeks was when the kids saw Jonathan after he had been in Africa for 10 days.  We got out of the car to greet him curbside and as soon as I pointed out where we could see daddy, I put Tylee down and she sprinted to get him.  He left his suitcase mid-stroll and ran to scoop her up, and my mama heart just melted out my eyes.  As I finally got Ember unbuckled, we caught up with the party and got our own share of hugs and kisses.  I am thankful for happy tears!

Happy or moody most of the time?  Happy!

Looking forward to anything?  Looking forward to meeting this sweet girl and for Aunt Suzie to get here!!  Less than TWO WEEKS left!!!  (assuming she’s not as late as her sister was!)

Updates from big sister Tylee or big brother Ember?  Tylee and Ember have started sharing a room!  This was one of my biggest fears about having another baby and living in a three bedroom house.  My newborns have all done SO much better when they are in their own room and no longer at my bedside–so I have been counting on Ember and Tylee being able to share.  Luckily, they have adjusted FLAWLESSLY!  They are just the best of friends and I am forever grateful for that.  Also, Tylee can remember the words to every song ever and Ember is trying to talk in full sentences.  They’re brilliant!  And they are both loving looking at baby sister’s clothes.  Tylee says, “Raelyn’s clothes very very small?!” with her nose scrunched up, eyes squinting, and pointer and thumb pinched together all snug.  So.stinkin.cute.


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