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It is time

Here is my first attempt to update this blog from my phone.

Right now we are on the road to the airport. This has been the craziest whirlwind with the Lord. Just under ten months ago, we learned of Neema and here we are about to board a plane!

In many ways this journey has reminded me of my pregnancy experience. At first I told Jonathan, don’t get your hopes up, it’s not really happening—we’ve tried this before and nothing came of it. And then they said we could check it out so Jonathan went and came back saying it could be a great fit, but we still had to be approved by the board. So again, I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Not until I could hear the heart beat. 

Next thing I know, we’ve unanimously been approved by the board! But somewhere along the way the idea of not only doing ministry but also being house parents is added to the mix. I requested it and as we waited to find out the decision it was again like anticipating pregnancy results. This time that pee-stick said YES….times EIGHT!   As I waited for Jonathan to get home from work that day, I felt the same butterflies I had before I told Jonathan the news about our three biological kids. 

And now, even though we’ve been dreaming and planning and preparing for this for about 40 weeks, I still don’t believe it and I might throw up! 

However, unlike my experiences with pregnancy, labor, and delivery, we are saying bye to friends and family this time. I’ve not yet found the words to explain the grief that is gripping me from within. I am so severely torn between my emotions and if I hadn’t already exhausted my tears, I think they may flow for weeks. There is something about saying goodbye to aging grandparents, friends and family (both the kind who are proud and the kind who may hate us a little bit for it), and watching our children’s little hearts and knowing the impending goodbye-grief that awaits them for many years to come. It has been exhausting. We are spent emotionally, mentally, and physically. We’ve been living out of a suitcase for two weeks now and everyone’s sleep schedule is totally out of whack. As much as we hate to say goodbye, it is time and we are so ready to be done with this in between chapter. 

Thank you for all of your prayers. We need them!


3 thoughts on “It is time

  1. We love you guys and wish you safe travels and much luck on your mission. I know that you will be great parents to these children as you are to your own biological children. God bless you and keep you safe. We are honestly happy that you got to do what you feel your calling is, and on the other hand deeply afraid for you being in Africa….We love you. Already looking forward to your next visit home….

  2. I love hearing your heart Whitney. I’m trying to empathize and can’t imagine how hard it was to say all those goodbyes. I am praying for your strength. It is so neat to see the Lord directing your steps through this past 1.5 years. Love you, friend!

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