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So now what?

Y’all, we are exhausted.  The past three weeks have felt like three months and we’ve said more goodbyes than we ever anticipated so soon.  To make a really long story short, we had irreconcilable differences with the management at Neema and the President of the Board of Directors told us, “I really feel like we should not continue together.”

So now what?  God has been good to us in that He has allowed us to make connections and friends rather quickly since we’ve been here.  For now, some friends have offered to let us stay in their (really nice) guest house for a discounted rate.  We are looking into other opportunities in Tanzania, and our plan is to use the next few weeks to travel around and explore some options.  Another blessing has come in the form of a rental car. We have other new friends who were trying to sell their car and instead they have been willing to let us rent that car for the rest of this month.  It is perfect and everything we need.

If nothing works out here in Tanzania, we have a flight scheduled to take us back to the land of chips and queso during the first week of June.  If we do end up back in the USA we will need a job and a house asap, so if you know of any employment opportunities or if you want cool neighbors please get in touch! 😉

We really appreciate the endless love, encouragement, and prayers.  Please keep them coming.


4 thoughts on “So now what?

  1. You have such a good heart! God bless you! I think I have been as concerned about you as I have been about my own Matt, Kelly, Camille and Tabitha. Such a sad thing to happen to ones so dedicated and committed. We’ll just continue to pray for God’s best for you. He will work things out for you! Sending love & Hugs!

  2. So sorry that things have not gone as hoped. Too bad this did not come up before you had to make so many sacrifices before things changed. Just know that you are always welcome at our house. We love you.

  3. Hi

    I got to know Matt and Kelly in March/April of last year. I live in Dar and am close friends with an amazing missionary couple that has a number of projects with different children’s homes/orphans around Tanzania. They have been praying for people to come join them.

    I already wrote them an email and they would be interested in meeting one of you (or the whole family). Drop me an email I can connect you both so you can talk details. My email kalico((@))

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